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Rank Runner Finish Time Gender Location Temperature Activity
1 🏆 10 19:39 Male Council Bluffs, IA 70° F 5K
2 ⭐️ 3 24:29 Male Indianapolis, IN 72° F 5K
Great run on a beautiful & sunny day!!
3 🏆 25 24:34 Male Seattle, WA 63° F 5K
Out and back run on the Seattle waterfront trying to avoid tourists and commuters. Finished The Puppy Run just in time!
4 ⭐️ 2 26:32 Male Waterdown, ON 5K
Can't upload the result because the watch cord was eaten by one of our cats... will try to submit a picture of the watch. Did the run on the back of a 50km bike ride after a half marathon the day before. Good weekend!
5 33:15 Male Los Angeles, CA 67° F 5K
6 🏆 21 35:10 Male Orland, CA 5K
A great 5K - personal record, even. Actually, I PRed 2x this week and this run gives me hope for the illusive sub-30 5K
7 36:22 Male Henderson, NV 95° F 5K
Mom typing this for him (he's at school). He did the LVMPDSAR 5k. Link attached. Pavement and gnarly rocky trail. We had hoped to run together but he has a last minute hockey tournament this weekend. They had K-9s there so he felt it was appropriate for the Puppy Run :)
8 🌟 9 43:23 Male Madison, AL 63° F 10K
Warm, humid run. Last 6.2 of a 7.2 training run accounts for my 10K.
9 ⭐️ 2 44:43 Male Leland, NC 74° F 5K
Oliver's first race!! 3.1 intrepid miles followed by a trip to the local Irish pub. Sorry, no brew for you, pup. You,re not even six months old yet!
10 ⭐️ 4 45:13 Male Mandan, ND 10K
11 45:13 Male Mandan, ND 10K
12 47:26 Male Seattle, WA 5K
13 1:08:12 Male suquamish, WA 55° F 10K
14 🌟 9 1:11:37 Male Auburn, WA 54° F 10K
A little bit wet today but the rain stopped about 2 miles in. I was not sure how this 10k would end up as I have not been getting in much runtime lately, but I am not unhappy with today's results.
15 ⭐️ 2 1:12:34 Male Lincoln, NE 10K
We had a wonderful leisurely paced 10k, with many breaks for chasing rabbits, squirrels, and birds. Also photographic breaks and Snapchat breaks. Unfortunately, Garmin mistakenly discarded the run when I asked it to save it. But we ran 6.28 mi in 1:12:34. Good pace, good run. We both thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks for uniting us in this great virtual run! We love it and look forward to it every ... See more »
16 1:26:51 Male Ocala, FL 5K
17 ⭐️ 2 1:32:47 Male US Half Marathon
Despite being my slowest half ever (WHATEVER!) I had a ton of fun running and hi-fiving everyone I could on the course!
18 🌟 6 1:57:00 Male Farmington Hills, MI 70° F Half Marathon
Ran the 1/2 marathon during the first portion of today's long run.
19 ⭐️ 4 1:58:42 Male Boise, ID Half Marathon
20 🏆 16 2:25:00 Male Richland, WA 58° F Half Marathon
Put in 23 miles.