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Rank Runner Finish Time Gender Location Temperature Activity
1 πŸ† 10 19:39 Male Council Bluffs, IA 70° F 5K
2 ⭐️ 3 23:38 Female MD 55° F 5K
This was the third time Oscar and I ran this race-- 1100+ participants with probably 10% of folks running and walking with dogs! Oscar was the 6th dog across the line this year, another top 10 finish for him this racing season. My mom, Suzanne Ingram won 2nd in her age group too! This race was the 2nd Puppy Run event we did this weekend....yesterday was a nice 10k on the local canal trail
3 ⭐️ 3 24:29 Male Indianapolis, IN 72° F 5K
Great run on a beautiful & sunny day!!
4 πŸ† 25 24:34 Male Seattle, WA 63° F 5K
Out and back run on the Seattle waterfront trying to avoid tourists and commuters. Finished The Puppy Run just in time!
5 🌟 5 25:47 Female Lake Preston, SD 66° F 5K
Perfect weather for a run with my favorite running partner, Mollie.
6 25:49 Female Rapidan, VA 67° F 5K
Montpelier in the rain!!
7 ⭐️ 2 26:14 Female Sacramento , CA 55° F 5K
We were doing great until a flock of birds decided to fish in the canal. Adelaide could not contain herself and needed to have all the birds. We worked through it and continued on our way. In the excitement, I accidentally saved our run on my new touch screen Garmin. 😝 Restarted it and completed our run so we have two files... 1.61 miles in 13:35 and 1.5 miles in 12:39 for a total of 3.11 miles... See more »
8 ⭐️ 2 26:32 Male Waterdown, ON 5K
Can't upload the result because the watch cord was eaten by one of our cats... will try to submit a picture of the watch. Did the run on the back of a 50km bike ride after a half marathon the day before. Good weekend!
9 ⭐️ 2 26:50 Female Indianapolis, IN 70° F 5K
Pretty warm day for the dogs (Tucker and Linus), especially the one with the black coat! :) But we picked several roads with shade, and they were both champs! I ran 12 miles total, but my Garmin file shows two splits - the first 8.88 miles solo, and the last 3.12 miles (5k) with the dogs.
10 27:00 Female Sewell, US 57° F 5K
I did the run with my clients dog,Chance, I work with chance every day walking, running, and training. My client is a disabled veteran who can not exercise chance. It made my client so happy that chance ran the race and got a medal!
11 ⭐️ 3 27:30 Female Boston, MA 63° F 5K
12 ⭐️ 2 28:11 Female San Antonio, TX 5K
Savannah (my dog) and I finished our 5K in decent time considering the rain and mud, then continued on for an extra mile, since we were already wet and dirty! Go us! πŸΆπŸ†
13 28:20 Female US 54° F 5K
5K Race at Blue Spruce Park Indiana, PA to benefit Brain Caner Awareness and in memory of those who have lost the battle.
14 28:22 Female Doral, FL 85° F 5K
Not having a puppy of my own, I planned my route to include two loops around the local dog park, and I was joined on the second loop by an adorable honey lab. His enthusiasm helped encourage me to a personal best time for 5K. Yay!
15 28:33 Female Knoxville, TN 5K
16 ⭐️ 2 28:52 Female aline, OK 62° F 5K
This was a color 5k run to raise money for scholarships for area seniors.
17 28:57 Female Menifee, CA 65° F 5K
Puppies working on building their mileage up, did great, besides several potty stops.
18 ⭐️ 4 29:36 Female Shoreline, WA 58° F 5K
Great to do the 2nd Puppy Run! Beautiful morning in Seattle. Enjoyed the rolling course and running in memory of our little buddy Dusty.
19 🌟 7 29:39 Female Broken Arrow , OK 5K
The run was fun and it was both of ours first virtual run. Me & my dog really enjoyed it. Thank you
20 πŸ† 26 30:13 Female Everett, WA 55° F 5K
Tried to run with my group but we got rained on so we took pics and went to run on our own when the weather was better
21 30:41 Female Memphis, TN 80° F 5K
22 🌟 8 30:42 Female Las Cruces, NM 75° F 5K
It was awesome!
23 ⭐️ 2 31:01 Female romulus, MI 59° F 5K
I ran the 5k and than came back and walked both dogs! Great day!! 🐢🐢
24 ⭐️ 2 31:07 Female Knoxville , TN 5K
25 ⭐️ 2 31:10 Female Greencastle, PA 5K
Ran on the promenade in Cape May, NJ. Weather was absolutely perfect and the view was unbeatable.
26 31:34 Female NY 5K
27 32:03 Female Cambridge, OH 68° F 5K
Today is our 19th wedding anniversary and there was no better way to spend it than to have my hubby running by my side for the 5k Puppy Run! (He let me wear his Garmin since I do not have one yet). The temperature was perfect--we had sun and then we were even sprinkled on. We brought it home with a powerful song "The Sound of Silence" by Disturbed on the ipod--my favorite!! And our pups wer... See more »
28 32:14 Female US 70° F 5K
I ran in my neighborhood.
29 🌟 9 32:21 Female Tukwila, WA 5K
Shorter than planned, but still great! So glad to have gotten to be a part of the Puppy Run again this year!
30 32:25 Female US 70° F 5K
31 🌟 7 32:34 Female Santa Barbara, CA 67° F 5K
32 ⭐️ 2 33:08 Female ON 24° C 5K
Race report coming soon!
33 33:15 Male Los Angeles, CA 67° F 5K
34 ⭐️ 2 34:45 Female Fort Mill, SC 5K
35 34:50 Female Oregonia, OH 68° F 5K
36 35:00 Female Everett, WA 5K
I had to run on a treadmill at my apartment gym since it was raining :( but it was still fun.
37 ⭐️ 2 35:05 Female Kodiak, AK 51° F 5K
This was a bittersweet run for me and my pup! I am moving from my home of 16+ years and this was my last run with my dog, who is not making the move with me. We took our time and stopped for lots of pictures. Super grateful for the chance to get one last run with her.
38 πŸ† 21 35:10 Male Orland, CA 5K
A great 5K - personal record, even. Actually, I PRed 2x this week and this run gives me hope for the illusive sub-30 5K
39 35:10 Female Lemoore, CA 66° F 5K
We live on base at Naval Air Station Lemoore. My dog Simon and I took up running together when my husband deployed 4 months ago. We are having a blast!
40 ⭐️ 2 35:23 Female Runnells, IA 5K
I ran on the treadmill at the gym. I'm thrilled with my results as I knocked almost 2minutes off my Pi Day 5K time!
41 🌟 7 35:23 Female Palmdale, CA 67° F 5K
42 ⭐️ 4 35:48 Female Sioux Falls, SD 73° F 5K
43 36:22 Male Henderson, NV 95° F 5K
Mom typing this for him (he's at school). He did the LVMPDSAR 5k. Link attached. Pavement and gnarly rocky trail. We had hoped to run together but he has a last minute hockey tournament this weekend. They had K-9s there so he felt it was appropriate for the Puppy Run :)
44 🌟 6 36:23 Female Katy, TX 84° F 5K
Last race I ran was a 10K in Sept. 2015. Don't think I've run longer than 2.25 miles since then. Hope this is the motivation I need to get me started back on the path of being in 1/2 marathon shape. And Bentley, my 2 year old Boxer mix is a great running companion. But it was HOT!
45 πŸ† 25 36:34 Female Fulshear, TX 84° F 5K
It was hot! Hahaha...I'm not used to this heat and humidity anymore. But it was a good run. Kylie and I enjoyed ourselves as this is only the 3rd run in the last few weeks (maybe longer :| )
46 36:36 Female West Orange, NJ 5K
47 ⭐️ 4 36:38 Female Memphis, TN 5K
48 ⭐️ 2 37:36 Female Statesboro, GA 68° F 5K
We went to St. Augustine Beach, Florida. We ran on the beach before most people got up. Then we spent the day surf fishing.
49 ⭐️ 2 37:59 Female Wilmington , DE 5K
Run was my 3rd leg in a Ragnar relay in Cape Cod - not my best time but it sure was a good way to finish strong!
50 🌟 5 38:11 Female Lewes, DE 5K
51 38:55 Female Sedro Woolley, WA 5K
Great run! 2 yrs ago I never ran a race (I literally never ran) and this race makes number 23 :) Im not the fastest but I have improved! Was great to get out there with my dog and run! I ran with MapMyRun! Distance: 3.11mi, time: 38:55, pace: 12:31min/mi, speed: 4.80mi/h.
52 ⭐️ 2 39:37 Female Hinckley, IL 78° F 5K
53 40:14 Female Portland, OR 5K
54 ⭐️ 3 40:32 Female Wellsville, OH 5K
55 ⭐️ 3 40:49 Female US 5K
Completed a 5K with Girls on the Run on Sunday, May 22, 2016. Crossed the finish line and stopped my Nike+ tracking app. I later realized that the miles logged in was 3.03 miles. I thought my Apple Watch was in sync with Nike+. I was so bummed.
56 41:02 Female Madison, SD 5K
We ran at my parents house in their development. Max loves to run and is a great motivation! I love my puppy!!
57 41:09 Female Corpus Christi, TX 5K
Indoor treadmill run because South Texas was WAY too humid for an outdoor run today!
58 ⭐️ 2 41:11 Female Anaheim, CA 5K
Planned for 10k, but the doggy decided otherwise. So 5k (plus .3) it is!
59 41:11 Female Centennial, CO 64° F 5K
This was my dog, Toby's, first ever 5k run! He did an amazing job for this only ever being his second run ever, at the rip old age of (almost) 9 years old! Many people smiled at his tenacity through the run through the park - he is a 20 lbs Cairn Terrier mix - and it was fun to reward him with a medal upon completion!
60 ⭐️ 2 41:27 Female Canton, GA 5K
61 ⭐️ 2 41:43 Female Elmira, NY 5K
62 🌟 7 41:58 Female The Colony, TX 5K
I took my 13yo pup out for a warm up jog so she could earn her medal. Then I ran my Puppy Run on the treadmill in a very warm room. Great run. Great swag. Great race. Thanks!!
63 ⭐️ 2 42:04 Female Seattle, WA 60° F 5K
64 42:13 Female US 73° F 5K
It was a girls 5k, we ran into 3 dogs and 1 lemonade stand!!
65 42:13 Female Villa Hills, KY 73° F 5K
Girls 5k, ran into 3 dogs and 1 lemonade stand!
66 ⭐️ 3 42:53 Female Indianapolis, IN 69° F 5K
67 43:12 Female Alhambra, CA 71° F 5K
68 🌟 9 43:23 Male Madison, AL 63° F 10K
Warm, humid run. Last 6.2 of a 7.2 training run accounts for my 10K.
69 ⭐️ 2 43:42 Female Kansas City, MO 78° F 5K
Done while pacing the house due to an insane business weekend.
70 43:49 Female Fort Pierce, FL 77° F 5K
It may had been only 77 degrees at 9am but when it's Florida and humidity is at 81% it's like jogging in a steam room LOL but it was so worth it. I did the first 2.5 miles by myself then picked up my Lil brudder/ my only running partner, Hershey Reese, to finish together. There is always so much joy in his face that I completely forget about any pains I may have or that I'm completely drenched... See more »
71 ⭐️ 2 44:00 Female Durham, NC 67° F 5K
72 44:01 Female 56° F 5K
73 44:06 Female West Stockbridge, MA 5K
My dog Jake and I had a wonderful time together. He made a few pit stops but that's ok. He can't wait to do it again next year
74 🌟 5 44:25 Female Bedford , TX 5K
75 ⭐️ 2 44:43 Male Leland, NC 74° F 5K
Oliver's first race!! 3.1 intrepid miles followed by a trip to the local Irish pub. Sorry, no brew for you, pup. You,re not even six months old yet!
76 44:43 Female Leland, NC 74° F 5K
77 πŸ† 11 45:00 Female Renton, WA 5K
The girls (Mira & Melitta) and I enjoyed a wet and soggy wun on Saturday, May 21st at Petpalooza. They were thrilled to be able to run through the water and the muddy grass.
78 ⭐️ 3 45:00 Female West Allis, WI 75° F 5K
My time is not exact because I forgot to start my watch, so I just went by what time we left the house and what time we got back. Arthur is in training for a 5K that benefits the humane society that saved his life, so this was a great opportunity!
79 45:00 Female 98° F 5K
Fabulous day with my favorite furry friend πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
80 ⭐️ 4 45:13 Male Mandan, ND 10K
81 45:13 Male Mandan, ND 10K
82 45:23 Female US 5K
83 ⭐️ 4 46:00 Female US 5K
84 46:13 Female Delavan, WI 5K
We could hardly believe that Lils made it through. We were SOOO proud of her!!
85 ⭐️ 2 46:29 Female Bowie, MD 5K
86 ⭐️ 2 46:42 Female Tiverton, RI 68° F 5K
Good fast paced walk! Shaved a little time off my last official 5k. Feeling strong this morning!
87 47:00 Female Pennsauken, NJ 5K
Great run around Cooper River park
88 47:00 Female pennsauken, NJ 5K
Great run around Cooper River park in Pennsauken NJ
89 47:26 Male Seattle, WA 5K
90 ⭐️ 2 49:07 Female Charleston, SC 86° F 5K
91 49:42 Female 70° F 5K
It was great! Had too many cookies today so they slowed me down a ton, but I had fun!
92 🌟 7 50:02 Female Poulsbo , WA 5K
Went with my dad, his dog and my dog. So fun for them to finish and get medals too!!
93 🌟 6 50:40 Female Red Deer, AB 6° F 10K
Had a great run with my weimaraner through my neighbourhood with a few stops to sniff, pee and say hi to other dogs :)
94 50:42 Female O'Fallon, MO 77° F 5K
95 🌟 5 51:03 Female Milwaukee, WI 79° F 5K
Beautiful day for a run!
96 🌟 5 51:20 Female Terre Haute, IN 70° F 5K
I walked around my sub-division with my faithful, loyal and loving friend, Heather (my furry friend). It was great. She loves being outside.
97 ⭐️ 4 51:33 Female Princeton, MN 5K
Lovely morning for a walk. Not a bad time considering we had to stop and get off the road for 5 separate vehicles.
98 ⭐️ 2 51:34 Female GA 5K
I ended up doing my run on the treadmill while Mieke took a nap on the floor beside me. We did go out for a short run after the rain stopped though.
99 ⭐️ 3 52:00 Female 5K
100 🌟 7 52:11 Female spokane, WA 10K
Great run to start my Saturday. Officially 30 weeks pregnant and still moving!!!!
101 🌟 6 52:51 Female Orlando, FL 90° F 5K
102 53:12 Female US 5K
103 ⭐️ 2 53:22 Female Tallahassee, FL 72° F 5K
It was good! I had hoped to travel to a "more meaningful route" but time constraints necessitated doing my usual home route. BUT I saw a neighbor (twice) walking/running with her new puppy so maybe it was meant to be! I dedicated each of my three miles to a senior dog up for adoption from a local rescue group - I know senior dogs are harder to place. And I did Charity Miles for the ASPCA. Great... See more »
104 53:31 Female Ripon, WI 67° F 10K
Baxter, Len, and I (Pam) went to our favorite place. The Berlin Trail and had a measured (Certified Wheel) 10K. We started at the BoyScout Camp and there we went. Baxter took his normal MUD dump and came out smelling great. We passed our German Shepherd friend and cruised to a 53:31 time. We had a Garmin and FITBIT Blaze timer, but was not connected to a link. BAXTER chased a cat, a squirrel, ... See more »
105 ⭐️ 3 53:42 Female Bellevue, WA 5K
106 🌟 5 53:47 Female PA 5K
107 🌟 6 54:00 Female lompoc, CA 5K
108 ⭐️ 2 54:04 Female Sanford, FL 87° F 5K
Maggie, Merri and I had a great walk!!!
109 54:04 Female Sanford , FL 87° F 5K
Hot but company was good!!!
110 ⭐️ 3 54:19 Female ON 22° C 5K
Had a great time and had many run-ins with some cute puppies!
111 ⭐️ 4 55:00 Female San Antonio, TX 5K
112 55:00 Female Paris, FR 20° C 10K
113 55:04 Female Holland, PA 55° F 5K
Moom and Lucy walked their first Hair of the Dog 5k-- and came away with a 2nd place age group finish in the 70+ category!
114 ⭐️ 2 55:35 Female Casselberry, FL 5K
115 55:42 Female Easton, PA 77° F 10K
It was a beautiful day for a run! I ran for my Ally girl who passed away three years ago in August. I miss her! RIP Ally!
116 πŸ† 24 56:00 Female Fayetteville, NC 63° F 5K
117 πŸ† 10 56:12 Female Tacoma, WA 5K
I didn't get to do this one on land since I was on a cruise. But, I was able to enjoy running the top deck of the Carnival Imagination cruise ship back from Mexico. The weather was windy, warm and I had the track pretty much to myself. Not one of my better times since it was kind of choppy out, but I had so much fun completing my 5k. Great Job guys, on another fun run.
118 56:25 Female West Des Moines, IA 5K
119 57:00 Female Mattawan , MI 5K
One of my dogs hurt his back leg this week so as to not reinjure it we decided to walk this. We weren't fast, but we finished!
120 ⭐️ 2 57:09 Female Sneads Ferry, NC 61° F 10K
We ran at the beach!! It's our favorite spot to run.
121 πŸ† 12 57:37 Female Council Bluffs, IA 70° F 5K
I had so much fun with this puppy run! I would have LOVED to run, but just had abdominal surgery 6 days walking was a must! My pup, 10 year old Chihuahua Simon, had the best time ever. He was loving chasing me around in my puppy costume.
122 57:42 Female Moline, IL 5K
We walked along the bike path on the river we saw lots of baby geese ( momma geese don't like it when you want play with her babies) it was a nice morning for a walk
123 ⭐️ 2 58:12 Female Anchorage, AK 10K
124 58:13 Female Tucson, AZ 69° F 10K
It was an awesome run through the desert of Tucson. We got to sniff some other dogs and chase rabbits and lizards to make us go faster. I love running with Mary Jo she always makes me feel like I can go faster and do anything.
125 πŸ† 19 59:00 Female Beaverton, OR 60° F 5K
Had some shin splints last week so I took it easy today. Still got the 5k all done :)
126 ⭐️ 2 59:25 Female Denver, CO 10K
Pawsatively perfect! A great morning for a nice 6 miles!
127 🌟 7 1:01:45 Female Placerville, CA 59° F 5K
This weekend was difficult as my favorite running buddy, Penny the Pup and I were involved in a car accident. We are okay (the car is not), but we are both emotionally and physically drained from the ordeal. Today, instead of running, we headed out off the beaten path for a bit of trail therapy. We hiked and explored, breathing in the fresh mountain air, stopping to smell the wildflowers, a... See more »
128 πŸ† 15 1:01:53 Female Canton, OH 66° F 10K
129 1:01:56 Female Mcdonough, GA 88° F 5K
It was interesting dividing up a 5k with four kids...but we did it!! Awefully proud of my babies!!!
130 1:02:39 Female Chas, SC 84° F 10K
Run went very well other than being the hottest weather I've ever run in! My dog, TARDIS, only made it the first two miles!
131 πŸ† 13 1:03:00 Female Bothell, WA 65° F 5K
132 1:03:45 Female Gales ferry, CT 5K
We did ours as a family walk over two nights around our neighborhood. The pace was set by our 3 year old so it was quick at times and pokey at others 😊
133 ⭐️ 2 1:05:17 Female Indainapolis, IN 72° F 5K
134 πŸ† 24 1:05:29 Female Coon Rapids, MN 60° F 10K
Had a great time with my running buddy Molissa it was beautiful
135 🌟 7 1:05:29 Female Forest Lake, MN 60° F 10K
A beautiful run with a great friend doing what we love!! Thank you Joycee for the amazing trail run course.
136 ⭐️ 2 1:05:56 Female Conyers, GA 85° F 5K
Got my two overweight non-puppy dogs moving with me on this one. It was hot and they were slow. But we all made it and had a great time doing it together!!
137 πŸ† 14 1:08:00 Female Sherman Oaks, CA 21° C 5K
My 5k was a walk through the streets of Venice...Italy. I registered for the race forgetting we would be out of the country. My husband and I made the best of it and while it was not an amazing time, it was an amazing walk!
138 1:08:12 Male suquamish, WA 55° F 10K
139 πŸ† 10 1:09:25 Female Federal Way, WA 10K
140 🌟 9 1:11:37 Male Auburn, WA 54° F 10K
A little bit wet today but the rain stopped about 2 miles in. I was not sure how this 10k would end up as I have not been getting in much runtime lately, but I am not unhappy with today's results.
141 ⭐️ 2 1:12:34 Male Lincoln, NE 10K
We had a wonderful leisurely paced 10k, with many breaks for chasing rabbits, squirrels, and birds. Also photographic breaks and Snapchat breaks. Unfortunately, Garmin mistakenly discarded the run when I asked it to save it. But we ran 6.28 mi in 1:12:34. Good pace, good run. We both thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks for uniting us in this great virtual run! We love it and look forward to it every ... See more »
142 πŸ† 16 1:14:08 Female Miami, FL 90° F 10K
So hot but I DID IT!
143 πŸ† 27 1:14:52 Female Corona, CA 70° F 10K
144 1:15:00 Female US 5K
Walked laps in the local mall.
145 1:15:00 Female Ludington, MI 72° F 5K
Walked with Katherine Johnson. Walked from the center of town out along the breakwater of the Ludington Lighthouse. VERY WINDY 15-20.
146 1:15:00 Female Ludington, MI 72° F 5K
Beautiful Day but VERY WINDY. Walked from town of Ludington (Michigan) out along the Ludington Breakwater to the Lighthouse and back. Think There should be a category for most scenic run or at least the most windy. We have great pictures and would like to send them.
147 1:15:00 Female US 5K
148 1:15:00 Female 5K
Laps at the local mall.
149 🌟 5 1:20:43 Female Las Vegas, NV 65° F 5K
Second part of my run: My pup Archie and I had a great time! We explored the neighborhood by running/walking a new route. It took almost an hour and a half because Archie likes to stop, sniff, and pee everywhere. It was a great bonding experience though! And it was right at sunset, which was beautiful. We completed 2 miles at ... See more »
150 🌟 9 1:22:40 Female Columbia, SC 10K
Completed as part of the Tame the Beast 12K race to benefit our local Humane Society
151 1:26:51 Female 87° F 5K
We had a great time!
152 1:26:51 Male Ocala, FL 5K
153 1:27:00 Female WA 10K
154 ⭐️ 4 1:28:00 Female Lexington, KY 10K
155 πŸ† 13 1:32:15 Female Spokane, WA 10K
Great walk on the Centennial Trail!
156 1:32:15 Female Spokane, WA 10K
Had a wonderful walk with my mommy-O on the trail. Thanks mom!!
157 ⭐️ 2 1:32:47 Male US Half Marathon
Despite being my slowest half ever (WHATEVER!) I had a ton of fun running and hi-fiving everyone I could on the course!
158 1:39:00 Female Sequim, WA 56° F 5K
Beautiful overcast day. We like those here in Sequim, WA. My running buddy prefers them to hot sunny days, he is Tibetan Mastiff/Rottweiler. It took us a long time, but we enjoyed the beautiful scenery along the way.
159 🌟 8 1:40:00 Female Hereford, AZ 80° F 5K
Beautiful venue: its where the cranes come in the winter. Not a soul around but Us. Sunny, warm but very windy!
160 ⭐️ 3 1:44:03 Female West Des Moines, IA 5K
Yay, 2nd year I've done this. A bit longer this year, with bruising on my foot, but I did it!!
161 πŸ† 24 1:46:10 Female Boise, ID 10K
162 ⭐️ 4 1:51:58 Female Owens Cross Roads, AL 73° F 5K
163 πŸ† 11 1:52:30 Female Sammamish, WA 50° F Half Marathon
Nice run with Teaka. Good mix of hills, trail, and rollers
164 🌟 6 1:57:00 Male Farmington Hills, MI 70° F Half Marathon
Ran the 1/2 marathon during the first portion of today's long run.
165 ⭐️ 4 1:58:10 Female Sarasota, FL 79° F 10K
Since we live in Florida and the weather gets warm right about this time, we split our 10k into two walks. Each loop is approximately 3.25 miles and my buddy Cosmo did just fine!!!!
166 ⭐️ 4 1:58:42 Male Boise, ID Half Marathon
167 πŸ† 16 2:25:00 Male Richland, WA 58° F Half Marathon
Put in 23 miles.
168 ⭐️ 2 2:27:24 Female Cordova, AK 57° F Half Marathon
Beautiful weather for the run today here in Cordova, Alaska!
169 🌟 6 2:28:10 Female Honey Brook, PA 10K
170 🌟 8 2:30:00 Female Manhattan, KS 65° F Half Marathon
I used my Bill Snder Highway Half time from Saturday for this event :) I paced the 2:30 group and we had a great time! The heat got to the runners around mile 9, but everyone finished!
171 πŸ† 12 2:34:37 Female Lawrenceville, GA 61° F Half Marathon
Didn't see any puppies :( but still have a great run w/ a running buddy!
172 ⭐️ 3 2:40:45 Female Astoria, NY Half Marathon
My map my fitness failed. I have a photo upload of my time and it is on NYRR website. How can I submit?
173 🌟 6 2:56:15 Female Normal, IL Half Marathon
174 πŸ† 13 3:02:52 Female Henderson, NV 80° F Half Marathon
I fit this in with my 20 mile long run on the treadmill. Nothing fancy to report. I just love the Puppy Run!
175 πŸ† 10 5:20:05 Female WA Half Marathon