Puppy lovers give back too! For The Puppy Run, we will be contributing $1 for every registration plus additional donations to Valhalla Rescue.

Valhalla Canine Rescue’s purpose is to help improve the lives of animals through rescue, community support and education programs. We are a medically based rescue that specializes primarily in Canines, but assist all animals in times of need. Our volunteers are experienced animal advocates and most are professionals in a variety of animal care and behavior fields.


  • Rescue neglected, abused, abandoned and otherwise needy animals in our region and beyond.
  • Provide family style foster environments, training and medical care for animals in our program while awaiting adoption in forever homes.
  • Reduce animal neglect and cruelty and also improve public safety by providing education materials and programs on all aspects of animal care, training and overall basic #canine behavior.
  • Establish and maintain community support programs that reinforce the human/pet bond.
  • Help establish disaster preparedness protocols to provide safe evacuation and sanctuary to animals in our area in times of crisis and emergencies.

FitFam is thrilled to have the chance to help this cause and hope you will join us in making a positive difference.